One World Academy’s The Beautiful State Gold Coast Australia

A New Course.  A New Journey.  February 1 – 4, 2018

Greetings from One World Academy. Wherever you are, whichever time of the day it is and whatever it is that you may be engaged in, we wish you are in a beautiful inner state. For a beautiful state is the foundation for a beautiful life.

During the past few months of travel across the world, from China in the East to America in the West, doing the Being Limitless seminars, we have witnessed spectacular transformations in the lives of people. We have seen women and men break the shackles of ages of limitation and suffering and create magic in their personal lives, professional lives and their social lives.

We have seen tears of realization, heard laughter of liberation and witnessed embraces of heart-felt connection. We are touched beyond words at your passion to grow, to transform and to expand the influence of your transformation beyond yourself to include the world around you.

You have our profound gratitude for embracing the magnificent vision of One World Academy so close to your hearts. And all of us know that gratitude calls for its own action. To respect and honor your true passion for spiritual evolution, we have decided to bring to your countries an advanced spiritual journey called “The Beautiful State”.

The largest part of society is training us to express love to a loved one in attractive ways, but not in authentically living in a beautiful state of love, which would then express itself to manifest great relationships.

We have spent the largest part of our life in anxiety and stress trying to achieve success in the hope that we would become happy someday. What if we could live our lives everyday in a beautiful state of calm, courage and conquer achievements in the world.

We have spent our lives holding on to great values, such as pursuing growth in every area of our life and giving to our families, giving to our organizations, giving to our communities.

But are we in a beautiful state as we grow and give? 

Do we feel beautiful within?

Or do we oscillate between high excitement and deep inner emptiness?

When life is lived from a beautiful state, to relate is joy, to achieve is joy, to give and receive is joy, to live is joy.

The greatest way of living is to live in a beautiful state and create a beautiful life.

In this 4-day advanced spiritual journey, the beautiful state becomes a Happening to you.

Not only is life beautiful from the beautiful state, it will also awaken in you the power to manifest synchronicities, so you actually experience more magic around you.  A greater harmony prevails in your life. 

So, with great excitement and deep thankfulness we bring The Beautiful State spiritual journey from the One World Academy campus in India to your country. We are passionate to put in our utmost efforts to make the path to your spiritual growth easier and more effective, so that we can together create a better world.

If you’d like to reserve a space now, please make the deposit below.  We will email you when more details become available.

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